Best Crankbait Rods

The crankbait lure is probably the most effective way to see success in fishing. There are some standard fishing rods that will work perfectly with crankbait lures, however, if you’ve never tried with a specialized rod designed specifically for crankbait fishing, then you’re missing a lot.

Such specialized rods for crankbait fishing will ensure you have the right amount of power needed to pull the fish without causing the lure to tear, but not just that, it will also give you the right amount of throw when casting.

For this article, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Best Crankbait Rods for this year. I chose them these rods while considering how the rod bends in the pole, the power which is important because it determines the thickness of line and size of the lure, and length & weight to ensure that the rod sits comfortably in your hands.

Okay, now, let’s start with the reviews and see what these rods can offer you.

The Top 5 Best Crankbait Rods

5. LEW’S FISHING Tournament Performance TP1

Lew’s TP1 has become a very popular budget-friendly option among fishermen who are looking for a crankbait rod to use occasionally. Although don’t mistake its budget-friendly price for a weak rod, in fact, this is a very versatile rod that will do great in a variety of applications.

First and foremost, I like the moderate action, it’s fantastic in both cases when casting and when setting the hook in a fish. However, most people will probably be disappointed with the rod’s length, to be more precise, it has a 7.3″ length, and we all know that’s not ideal for longer casts, for example in open water, but it is exceptionally accurate when it comes to casting in a river.

To get more into details, this rod features a medium-heavy power, and that’s great because it allows you to use it in a wide variety of situations, and for the most part, you’ll like it because it can accept lures from 0.5 to 1.375 ounces.

More on that, such specs will allow you to use the rod in either shallow or deep waters, while on the other hand, it has a 10-25-line size range and it’s quite versatile to the point where it allows you to choose the line that is appropriate for the specific terrain that you’re planning on fishing.

Moreover, you’ll also love the IM8 graphite blank since it adds an extra layer of durability yet the rod is still quite lightweight. One thing that caught my attention is that I had a hard time using a leader with this rod, but if you can tie a very small not into the leader, then you’ll be good to go.

All and all, for the price that this crankbait rod has, you’re going to love everything that comes along with it, and if you’ve been looking for something similar, then this might be your best choice.

4. Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

Checking up next, at number 4, we have the Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod, and for those looking for a reliable rod for shallow water at close quarters(rivers), then stick with me for the next couple of minutes to see what this crankbait rod is capable off.

You’ll get extremely accurate casting with this rod, all due to the combination of fast action and the short seven-foot length, and that’s one of the most in-vogue things to have when you’re having a hard time targeting fish that hide in a specific pool within a river.

Although I have to warn you that this fast action will definitely require you to get used to because the fishermen need to wait for the hook to be perfectly set before pulling up on the line, and from what I’ve gathered, I saw that many customers on the internet were claiming that the rod is sensitive to small movements.

What I like most about this rod is that it can accept line down to size eight, but I still have noticed though, the manufacturer could have done a better job, for example, to let you add line thicker than size 17 since that may come in handy when fishing in rocky terrains.

It’s important to note that this rod is not as versatile for boat fishing offshore since it has a limitation of using only one-ounce crankbait lures, so that’s something you’ll have to consider before buying it.

Before we end, let’s also point out that the weight, balance, and how the rod feels in your hands are all well-thought-out, or in other terms, perfectly crafted. Although as I point out every little detail when it comes to such things, there’s something that caught my attention though, the butt of the rod handle is a bit shorter than you’d expect, and for first-timers, it will get some time to get used to.

To conclude, I highly recommend you take the Dobyns Rods Fury Series into serious consideration since it delivers great value for money, and you simply can’t go wrong with it.

3. Abu Garcia IKE Signature Power Casting Fishing Rod 

You may have heard of it, or maybe seen a friend use it, but this crankbait rod from Abu Garcia will leave you with your mouth opened. It’s designed specifically for those who want responsiveness, while for the most part, I like it because it features a fast action and 7’10” length, while if you combine all of these together into one piece, you get a high degree of sensitivity to movements in the rod and leverage for your first catch.

If a professional, or in other terms, a more experienced fisherman was about to buy this rod, it would lead to an extremely high bite to catch ratio, however, fast action means that you have to get used to this rod.

Similar to the other rods that we’ve mentioned, this one is also recommended for use in relatively shallow water. It’s important to note that it can accept crankbait lures as light as 5/16 ounces and lines down to 12 pounds, but that’s not all, you also have to know that this is a one-ounces lure limited rod, which means that you won’t be able to use it in deeper water such as offshore, well maybe partially but not effectively.

Considering all of this, the length of the road can also be troublesome, and if you can’t quite understand the logic of this, let me break it down for you; the long length and fast action tend to combine and make casting into small spaces a tad more difficult than it should be, so there’s that.

Also, I wouldn’t really recommend this crankbait rod to beginners, it’s more oriented towards professional crankbait fishermen, and you won’t really get what you expect if you’re just starting out with crankbait fishing.

Before we end, let’s also point out that people really love the balance and the feel that this rod provides, and to pour it down in details, it is made of single 36-ton graphite blank, while on the other hand, I also like the stainless steel line guides that are combined with Zirconium inserts which basically makes unbreakable even during the toughest and the heaviest uses.

Overall, you can’t really call this an inexpensive or budget-friendly rod, however, it’s there somewhere in-between and it’s definitely worth every buck.

2. Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods TCS-C-761H

Next on the list comes the Okuma crankbait rod, and this is probably the best all-rounder that you’re going to find out there. The manufacturer states that this crankbait rod was built for tournament fishing, so it must be pretty good and efficient, right? Let’s get more into the details and see what the Okuma has to offer.

Even though that’s what the manufacturer states, from my experience, I don’t really think that it can be used for a wider range of crankbait fishing just as much, considering the fact that the rod sports a moderate 7.5-foot length.

Although that does come with tons of benefits along, for example, you can carry the crankbait rod easier compared to some other rods on the market, and all of that without giving up on casting distance or leverage when setting the hook.

As we all know, moderate fast action is always more preferable by fishermen, and the Okuma is such a rod with fast action within the nature and habits of crankbaits.

In terms of construction, people seem to find this rod to be quite heavy, and that goes the same by me, it’s a lot heavier than I expected it to be, but that doesn’t really matter to me, what matters is that its profile for lures and lines differs from those of a Fenwick rod. In other terms, it can accept lures down to 0.25-ounces, and all of these remarks make this rod a perfect choice for shallow waters.

Since we started talking about construction, it’s also important to point out that the overall construction of this rod is made with comfort in mind, more precisely, it features a split EVA-molded grip and a finger rest which will help with making your process of using the rod with a speening reel easier.

Moreover, Okuma is also quite known for having very friendly customer service, and in cases where rods are damaged upon shipping or only after a few users, they will replace the rod immediately.

To sum up, you’ll really like how this rod feels, it has a great handle construction and for its weights, the rod is quite powerful for catching large bass. If you’re looking for a decent mid-range crankbait rod, then the Okuma might just be the rod you’re looking for.

1. Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rod 

As for our final product, I’ve saved the best for the last, and by the end of this review, I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced about that yourself.

The Fenwick crankbait rod is the most well-rounded rod out there, it has been and it is still one of the most popular options out there due to its incredible versatility which makes the rod suitable for fishermen of different levels, starting from beginner to expert crankbait fishermen alike.

It has moderate rod action which is good because you will have more bend and the response of pulling up on the rod will be a bit slowed down, and that’s pretty much perfect for fishermen who are not patient on tugging on the line after taking a bite.

But that’s not the only thing that makes this casting crankbait rod good when you combine the extra bend with the long 7’11” length, which will further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of this crankbait rod.

Unlike with many other crankbait rods out there, this time around the heavy power rating is not much differential from the length and action, in fact, they pair nicely hence giving you the ability to use lines up to 30 pounds and crankbait lures up to two ounces.

That being said, you can pretty much use this crankbait rod in any condition, but from what I’ve gathered in my research, I noticed that many users were complaining about its performance in shallower waters, considering the fact that for shallower waters lures must be at least 0.5-ounces.

Now, before we end, let’s also point out a couple of interesting facts about the rod’s construction, shall we?

First and foremost, it features a sturdy graphite construction, and as you can imagine, you will be required to hold the rod a bit more firmly than you would with a standard rod, while on the other hand, you’ll also like the titanium frame guide which gives extra durability points to the rod’s construction making it almost impossible to break in normal use, even when reeling the biggest fishes out there.

Handle construction is also perfect, and users really seemed to appreciate the EVA-molded handle which provides the users with exceptional comfort during a long day of holding on the water.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the most well-rounded, premium crankbait rod on the market, then the Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rod would be your best pick.

Why do you need a special rod for crankbait fishing?

top crankbait rods

The reason is quite simple actually, it’s because crankbait roads are specifically designed for use with crankbait lures, and that makes them eligible. In other words, they are the most effective type of lure for bass fishing.

Another reason why you need a special rod for crankbait fishing is that they can tear out of the mouth of the bass easily when you reel them, well that’s when you compare them to those standard fishing rods out there, and that’s all you need.

Moreover, crankbait rods tend to have a slower action, well most of them, and that is good because the bend will be deeper in the rod when you compare it to a standard fishing rod. Thus, it will help reduce the tension on the lure when you hook a fish, but some people are able to get the same results even with a standard fishing rod, however, it’s a lot harder to do and you have to be a professional and an experienced fishermen to achieve that, and if you can’t achieve it, you’re more likely to lose the bass you just found.


Some people may think of this topic as simple and easily doable with a standard rod rather than a special rod for crankbait fishing, but in fact, this is really a very complex topic that needs to be seriously considered if you want to hook some bass.

In this article, I tried to provide you with the most accurate and precise information that I can, starting from the introduction to the following of the product reviews, and the informational article in the end. If you’re after a special crankbait rod, here you’re going to find everything you need to consider, everything you need to know before you buy a crankbait rod.

Our editor’s top pick for this article is the Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rod, it’s a powerful choice for fishermen of all levels, starting from novice to experienced and professionals. It is a popular choice due to the comfort and the balance that it brings along, and thanks to the rods ability to be used in all conditions and depths and the wide range of lure and line options, fishermen are having a good time using this rod, which is also why I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a premium option out there.

Those are not the only good elements of this rod, as we mentioned above, this particular model is also quite versatile since it accepts the widest ranges of line sizes out of any rod that we’ve mentioned today, and that’s probably one of the main selling points of the Fenwick.

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