Best Fishing Float Tubes

Before we get into the top picks, i want to show you why you need to get one of these best fishing float tubes.

Fishing from the shore or from the dock is pretty nice, and there are plenty of fishing opportunities there. However, fishing from a boat is a whole different deal, and you open yourself up for a whole new fishing experience. There is just that much water you can cover from the dock or shore, and you have to take everything with you to go to another spot. Whereas in a boat you can definitely find out a different spot easily.

Everyone should try fishing from a boat to get what I am saying, and the amount of fish you will catch on a boat versus to the shore is immense. However, I know that not everyone can invest in a boat since those are pretty expensive, and it is not just the initial cost since you have to find a dock for it, the costs for the dock, maintenance, gas and so much more.

For those that are not so feasible to invest in a boat, I would recommend buying a fishing float tube to get a pretty similar experience without all the costs. Well, of course, it won’t be the same as having a boat that can in any direction for miles, a floating tube will allow you to go around and find yourself different fishing spots.

While some prefer kayaks for this purpose, that is still not as convenient as a fishing float tube, since kayaks are pretty heavy and large, so if you need to carry it from one spot to another it might become a two-person job. On top of that, a fishing float tube will allow you to access areas where boats and kayaks can’t go, for example, remote ponds, mountain lakes, and close to shore large lakes. Some adventurous anglers even use them in rivers, but I wouldn’t recommend that, because it is not really safe and kayaks are best suited for those waters.

In this guide, I will show you, how you can buy the best one in the market, and that without much effort. Sounds fun, right? Today I will reveal you the best floating tubes for fishing in the market, what you should look out for when buying one, answer some frequently asked questions and so much more. Shall we get going?

The Top 6 Best Float Tubes For Fishing

While there are countless models you can choose when it comes to fishing float tubes, there are some which deliver the best combination of features, performance, durability, and value. I have handpicked these models as a result of countless hours of research, personal experience, expert consultation, product reviews, and buyer feedback. The models I am going to list are absolutely fail-safe and will deliver you a priceless experience. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

6. Classic Accessories Bighorn

We are going to start this list with one of my favorite products in the market coming from Classic Accessories, the Bighorn. The company has delivered a secure, safe, stable and amazingly maneuverable boat this time around.

This boat has a great range of features that will make every angler happy, starting off with the hydrodynamic hull shaped design, makes steering and tracking better and on top of that the high seat position offers better visibility, so you can check your surroundings better.

The Classic Accessories Bighorn has some nice dimensions as it measures about 54x50x27-inches in total and it weighs about 11 pounds when inflated. However, it can carry anglers up to 300 pounds of weight which is excellent. I should mention that it also comes with a 1-year warranty and the storage space is pretty much great as you can accommodate all your gear in its body.

In addition to that, it has a strapping apron with a fish ruler, a horizontal rod holder, and D rings for attaching different gear. It is also pretty adequately price and you can’t really complain about its price. Gathering a great set of features the Classic Accessories Bighorn hits the sweet spot.

5. Outcast Fat Cat LCS

Next up we have a premium fishing float tube, the Outcast Fat Cat LCS. This is pretty much as high-end as it gets and it will deliver you a wide range of qualities that will make even the most demanding anglers happy.

The Outcast Fat Cat LCS is a great tool for most fishermen, both beginners, and experienced and hardened veterans. The total weight of the Outcast Fat Cat LCS is about 17 pounds when inflated and it can carry anglers up to 300 pounds.

Like I said it is pretty high-end and it costs a lot, but it has some nice features to correspond to, for example, it has a 5-year warranty. A pointed hull makes things much easier to maneuver and steering is also excellent, no weak points with that.

It is made out of thick vinyl safeguard in the bottom to keep it safe against punctures and it has three air chambers to keep it balanced and afloat even if any puncture happens. The double valve system which makes it inflate and deflate faster than ever.

4. Caddis Sports Premier Plus

Without a break, I bring you another excellent and pretty much priceless fishing float tube, the Caddis Sports Premier Plus. This tube upgrades everything from its predecessor and delivers the best balance between price, performance, durability, and everything in between.

First off I have to mention that the Caddis Sports Premier Plus is made out of Tarpaulin bottom with Boston custom valves, bladder to cover the attachment points and double stitching for heavy-duty durability. The float itself weighs about 15 pounds when inflated, and you don’t need an electric pump to inflate it. It can carry up to 325 pounds of weight as well.

The seat is made out of thick and dense foams and it has an adjustable backrest which makes things absolutely perfect in terms of support for your back. There are also two large main compartments for storing your equipment and accessories. There are also D rings for convenient transport and overall this fishing float tube delivers everything you will love.

3. Classic Accessories Teton

Coming up next we have another excellent model from Classic Accessories, the Teton. This is also the most affordable model on this list and it has all the qualities that more expensive models offer, let’s take a closer look to see if it can really deliver.

The Classic Accessories Teton is designed to be as clean as possible, nothing feels cluttered and it delivers pretty functional design, a great way to keep the costs low. There are three storage areas, however, two on each armrest and a large pocket in the backseat.

The whole device is about four and a half feet long and four feet wide, pretty much like most of the floating tubes in the company’s line up. It weighs just 16 pounds in total when inflated and it can carry up to 250 pounds without much trouble. You will also find two backpack straps on the float to carry it easily.

Its amazing hydrodynamic hull shape makes maneuvering and steering easier than you would think and the only downside of this is the mesh seat, which is more comfortable than it really looks.

2. Outcast Fish 4-LCS

When you are looking for the best fishing float tubes in the market, it is hard to get by without suggesting the Outcast Fishcat 4-LCS. This is one of the most popular choices in the market, and it delivers a great set of features that make it extremely attractive for most users.

Let’s start it by mentioning that the seat and backrest both are made of foam and the seat position is pretty high making anglers job easier both in casting and observing the environment. The structure also makes it pretty easy to maneuver and steer around the water.

I can comfortably say that the Outcast Fishcat 4-LCS delivers excellent value for the money and it is pretty affordable as well for what it offers. My favorite thing about the Outcast Fishcat 4-LCS  is that it is pretty comfortable and super convenient. It has tons of pockets that you can use and it can be easily inflated and deflated. Perfect overall, no weak points.

1. Classic Accessories Cumberland

If you are searching for the best fishing float tube in the market, here you have it, the Classic Accessories Cumberland. This float tube comes as an affordable choice but it delivers features and performance that most the high-end models don’t have.

First, off I need to say that the Classic Accessories Cumberland is pretty compact and portable as it measures about 4.5 foot long when inflated and it can be folded to half of that when deflated. It weighs about 17 pounds when inflated and with its nice straps, you can carry it around.

Live every Classic Accessories float tube it has a hydrodynamic shaped hull that delivers great tracking and steering, reducing any drag which may prevent you from maneuvering the tube correctly.

The seat is also thickly padded and it is much better than any other tube its price point. Delivering durability, versatility, and tons of storage space the Classic Accessories Cumberland hits the sweet spot.

What are the advantages of fishing float tubes?

a man fishing on a fishing float tube

In my opinion, there are millions of advantages when it comes to using a fishing float tube. While I listed some of the reasons above, there are several important reasons that you will find reasonable and pretty useful. The most important advantage of floating fishing tubes is that they are affordable and when you compare that to a boat, you will consider them extremely cheap, this is without taking the cost of upkeep, transportation, and docking costs into calculations.

Also, they offer you access to different areas where boats cannot realistically go, and most fishermen don’t consider them as vehicles or vessels, they are just aids.

Shallow waters and narrow canals will not be a problem for you, just walk it off, and you can also just pick it up and carry it around easily. Also, the transportation process of the float is not bothersome at all just toss it in your backseat, they are pretty small when inflated. No need for any boat trailer or something of a similar nature. On top of that, there are countless other reasons and advantages of buying a fishing float tube.

What to look for when buying a fishing float tube?

a man on a float tube

As in everything you are planning to buy and shell out money on, with fishing float tubes you should look out for certain things to make a better purchase for your needs. If you determine what you want within the factors that I will list you definitely won’t make a bad purchase when it comes to fishing float tubes.


The shape is the most important thing that you need to know about the fishing float tube that you are planning to buy. To be exact there are four main shapes you will find in the market these days, round, U-shaped, teardrop, and pontoon. You may have your own personal preference when it comes to this however, there are some advantages and disadvantages to each of them.


To be honest round tubes are a little hard to maneuver and move around the water, thanks to the drag created by their shape, which will prove to be really difficult when you are planning to move to a new place. They are extremely buoyant though and this can make hard for you to position yourself, and in my opinion, these are a little ancient for today’s standards.


Like their name implies U-shaped boats have a U shape, open on one side where you will sit and your legs will hang from when you are ready to get into fishing action. In comparison to round tubes, these are much easier to maneuver and move around the water with, on top of that, I find it much easier to get in and out of them. One thing that I don’t like about U-shaped floats is that they are not as comfortable because there is not much support for your back.


Pontoon shaped float tubes are pretty similar in shape to pontoon boats, like smaller versions of them, with cylindrical tubes, mainly named pontoons on each side of the seating area. These float tubes deliver more room for you in the seat, and they are extremely easy to get in and out of. They are also extremely easy to move and maneuver around the water, and they sit a little higher in the water compared to other types.


If you want to get the best of both worlds you should choose a teardrop-shaped floats since they are a hybrid between U-shaped and pontoon floats. Constructed by two pontoons on each side that connect to a single point, forming a teardrop or V shape, which is pretty nice. Teardrop-shaped floats are recently extremely popular with fishermen since they deliver some nice features and great maneuverability.


Let’s be honest, if the floating tube is not comfortable it is definitely not worth buying at all. Take into consideration that you will be sat in that small vessel for a long time while fishing and if it isn’t comfortable than it is probably not worth your time. When you are looking at the comfort fo the float tube you should check out the seat first. Is it inflatable, is it constructed from nice materials, can it handle your weight and will it deliver adequate support?

These are questions you should be asking, and also make sure to check if it has enough back support, so you don’t go back home with a sore back. I find out that adjustable seats are pretty nice as well, meaning that if you can’t get comfortable around the current seat, you can adjust it to your liking. Check online reviews and see if buyers are happy about the comfort.


There are generally two aspects when it comes to storage with fishing float tubes. First up we are going to talk about the actual storage of the fishing float tube itself. They mostly are inflatable meaning that they can get pretty compact, and most of them also come in small bags that you can store the whole thing in. Also when storing a float tube it is better to place them in a location that it won’t be damaged, since an unexpected hole will ruin your fishing trip. Keep it in a cool and dry place that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

The second part of the storage aspect is what can you store in the float tube. Most of the float tubes in the market actually come with storage containers that let you store your fishing equipment, and a nice cup holder is a great addition to making the whole experience much more enjoyable. Then again I would also suggest you invest in a nice fishing backpack for additional storage space or a fishing vest.


You should always focus on safety first when buying a piece of equipment, especially one that will float you on the water. Sometimes accidents may happen, for example, some float tubes may flip over if the user leans a bit too much in one direction, however, there is a quick-release mechanism in most of the modern float tubes to keep you safe. Then again, if you want the safest of them all, choose bigger float tubes since they deliver more stability and keep you afloat better, also they are pretty much easier to flip over.


A thing you should look out for in everything and not just fishing float tubes is the value it offers for the price. You should always aim to get the most out of your hard-earned money, and it is not always advisable to opt for high-end models if you will not use its features. Determine your needs and stick within a price point that you have set.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where can I use a float tube?

A:  There is a wide range of places you can realistically use a fishing float tube. However, there are still places where it is advisable to not use it for your own safety. For example, deeper open waters and rivers are not the best waters to use a fishing float tube. On top of that always be extra careful when the weather is constantly changing.  It is better to stay away from currents and waves. The best times when a floating tube is the most useful is near coastal regions, lakes, ponds, and similar.

Q: How to fish from a float tube?

A: I can’t realistically say that there is a right and wrong method when it comes to fishing from a float tube. However, there are some tips that you can follow to get the best possible outcome in most cases. My most important thing would be to plan your fishing spot and not just wander around aimlessly, also don’t wander far away from the shore. Use longer rods to get the best experience and give a try to trolling, I found it to be extremely effective when fishing from a float tube.

Q: Do I need extra accessories for float tube fishing?

A: While I can’t say that it is absolutely necessary, for the best experience during fishing from a float tube, I would recommend everyone to invest in a nice pair of fins. A good pair of fins that fit your feet properly definitely deliver a priceless experience and will make your job so much easier when maneuvering around the water. Also, make sure to invest in waterproof clothing, that will keep you dry and warm. In the water, you can get super cold super quick, so take care of yourself first.


To conclude this article I want to say that you are ready to get yourself the best fishing float tube for your needs. You can definitely now make an informed decision as you are aware of what exactly a fishing float tube is and what to look out for when you shop for one. Also make sure to check our top picks, a list with fail-safe models that deliver perfect value for their price and also performance. Until next time take care.

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