The 5 Best Fishing Headlamps

Fishing is a peaceful and a very entertaining hobby at the same time, especially when it is done during the night because you can entirely focus on yourself and get relaxed by the environment and the smooth waves that are brought to you by water.

One of the most useful tools for fishermen are exactly the fishing headlamps, aside from the fishing boats, kayaks, rods, gloves, baits, etc, due to the fact that these units can drastically enhance the sight of these people, and help them have truly convenient fishing experience.

In this article, I will name you the 5 best fishing headlamps on which you can confidently rely, because each of them is known on the market, and it is used by thousands of fishermen which means that you can easily achieve what they did by having such quality headlamps!

Ready? Let’s get started right away!

The Top 5 Best Fishing Headlamps

5. ELMCHEE Headlamp 

The ELMCHEE Headlamp is currently among the most purchased headlamps on Amazon, as well as on the market as a whole. With a simple research on Google, you will find thousands of articles that are listing this led headlamp among the best on the market, and those who’ve purchased this product are nothing less than amazed because of the delivered performance!

To begin with, this led headlamp sports an attractive, yet durable body made of aluminum and abs material which will drastically boost the life expectancy of this led headlamp, whereas, given its IPX-4 rating, this means that splashes of water will not interfere with its performance, so you shouldn’t worry literally anything once you start shooting!

Furthermore, the Elmchee comes armed with a durable, and high quality 1500-mAh Li-polymer battery that is followed by 6 exceptionally bright LEDs which according to the manufacturer, are durable enough to withstand up to 100,000 hours of use. It has an impressive battery life, doesn’t it?

I would also like to mention that those who’ve been using this led headlamp for fishing, claim that they really loved the opportunity of having a true, hands-free experience since this unit does a highly effective job in brightening up the environment in which you will situate, whereas, on the other side, you won’t need a flashlight as an additional support like it is the case with most of the led headlamps that are set in this price range.

When it comes to performance, this unit is an absolute workhorse. It utilizes 8 different modes, including High, Low, SOS strobe along with 5 other modes, and when we add the fact that this model can swivel up to 90-degrees, this by default means that the Elmchee headlamp is excellent for fishing, hunting, climbing, mountaineering and more!

But, what got my attention regarding this led headlamp is its 12000 lumens of brightness which can cover a great area, and let’s not forget its irradiation distance of up to 500 meters and its ability to output performance of up to 6 hours. However, keep in mind that depending on the settings, the performance may vary in practice.

I would also like to mention that this unit can deliver strong lighting at a range of up to 262 feet, and what’s even more interesting is that you don’t have to be a professional to know how to handle this unit. To be more precise, aside from its swiveling capabilities, you can also adjust the beam angle of up to 45-degrees, so you can always get the results you want without putting effort at all!

Last but not least, this led headlamp is lightweight as well, and it feels comfortable to wear even if you’ve been fishing for hours, and I definitely think that this unit brings numerous benefits without affecting your budget at all, and will be your perfect companion when you go night fishing!

Overall, you should definitely put this led headlamp in your shortlist, and if you ever decide to purchase it, I’m sure that you won’t regret that decision!


The VITCHELO V800 is indeed a unique headlamp that can be considered as a great companion for any outdoor activity, whether you’re fishing, hiking, or doing anything else, and the reason is very simple. The V800 packs numerous features that are specifically tailored to maximize your user experience and make you feel satisfied, a thing which is crucial in headlamps!

Aesthetically speaking, the V800 measures 2.4 x 1.9 x 1.5″, weighs around 2.08 ounces without batteries or 4 ounces with batteries, which by default means that this unit is lightweight enough to feel like you’re not even wearing it!

Moreover, this model employs an elastic, soft headband strap that is wide, and adjustable enough to feel comfortable as you’re wearing it, but, the manufacturer has also implemented a cushion that can be found in the back of the head, and there’s also a pad that sits between your forehead and the battery compartment so that you won’t feel heat.

Once you open the package, the manufacturer has included 3x AAA batteries, a bracelet, and a user guide of which you can take advantage and have a deeper insight regarding the way you should use the led headlamp and more!

Speaking of the performance, the V800 comes with two separate buttons, one of them is for turning on the red light, whereas, the second is for the white light, which is awesome if you ask me, because you can always use the one that you find the most suitable for a specific moment. Although, I’d recommend you to stick with the red one because it is the best for fishing.

Moving on, there are 6 levels of white and red LED lights as well,  and if we take this aside, what will surely get your attention is the ability of this headband to cover up to 360ft of an area which is awesome since you will have a truly wide and clear sight!

But that’s not all! The V800 has a waterproof, IPX6 rating which basically means that rain and cold temperatures will unlikely affect the quality of its performance, but in any case, I wouldn’t advise you to place this headband underwater.

Furthermore, the battery is a strong aspect of this headband, the included 3 AAA batteries may output a performance of up to 120 hours on low settings, but if you opt to use this headlamp on higher settings, you should note that the performance may vary, since the brighter the setting the less lasting the battery will be.

Either way, for a couple of hours fishing daily, I think that you will be more than satisfied to have such quality led headlamp.

Before we end, there’s yet one more thing I would like to inform you about, and that’s regarding the V800’s ability to tilt the focus of the light down to 45 degrees, and when we combine all these things into one, I really think that you won’t have difficulties using this unit for fishing, and any type of outdoor activity!

To conclude, the V800 deserves your attention, because it combines a strong, yet lightweight build construction, consistent performance, long battery life and numerous useful features that will definitely come handy for night fishing, camping, hiking, hunting and even cycling!

3. Moico Headlamp 

The Moico Headlamp is yet another super bright night fishing headlamp among fishermen, campers, runners and cyclers. Even though this unit appeared on Amazon in May, 2019, it didn’t take long before people had a chance to try it and find out that this model differs a lot from the plethora of headlamps in this price range! What’s the reason behind this? Well, let’s find out!

Speaking of the design, this model has IPX4-rated waterproof body that is primarily made of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, but you can also notice the presence of its elastic band and head sponge pad which will provide you with nothing less than a huge comfort to keep you relaxed throughout your night fishing sessions. Also, this night fishing led headlamp feels light to wear, and its elastic band and head sponge pad are easily adjustable, so you won’t spend a lot of time before you get your ideal setting!

If you take a look on the back of the battery box, you will find a very cool thing, and that’s a red safety taillight that will significantly enhance your protection regardless of the environment you’re situated in, and by clicking once, you will turn the taillight on, the second press will turn on the strobe, whereas, the third press will deactivate the safety feature.

For your information, the Moico led headlamp can rotate as well, up to 90-degrees and this is fairly useful since you can make the bright light good enough to reach specific angles and ranges, and for now, I have to admit that I don’t have any remarks regarding this product.

In terms of the performance, the Moico incorporates 2 mode buttons which will grant you access and offer you control of up to 8 different modes. For instance, you can choose between strong beam, wide beam, red light, SOS red strobe, etc, so, you will be able to taste the benefits of owning a fishing headlamp that will never let you feel restricted when it comes to performance.

In addition, this model has 3100 lumens of brightness, and it can illuminate a range of up to 300 meters on one side, whereas, on the other, thanks to its 2, 3200-maH rechargeable batteries, this model can withstand the use of between 6-9 hours depending on the setting you’re currently using.

Lastly, it takes approximately 4-6 hours before it is fully charged, and personally, I think that the manufacturer has done a superb option here because this fishing headlamp will undoubtedly make you feel satisfied anytime you’re using it.

In conclusion, it’s a great option for night fishing. If you’re keen on investing in a quality fishing headlamp that offers a great value for its cost, then the Moico headlamp is the one you’ve been looking for!

2. TOTOBAY Headlamp 

The TOTOBAY Headlamp is a truly fascinating headlamp that  has a total brightness output of up to 6000 lumens, which make it be an ideal option for anglers who want to be in touch with everything that is in front of them, and below the water without spending a fortune in order to have this pleasure!

From a design perspective, the TOTOBAY Headlamp has an excellent, build construction that is made of aluminum alloy and rubber, and when we add its IP65 waterproof rating and the fact that it is heatproof, the end result is nothing less than a truly strong headband that can withstand daily use in a long term!

I’d also like to mention that its strap feels soft, and if you think that it does not fit well, then you shouldn’t worry either, given the fact that it is adjustable from 11-22 inches, and this literally means that this model is suitable with a variety of different users!

On the back, you will instantly notice the green safety light that will definitely come handy in practice, since as you’re doing night fishing, people behind you will notice your presence and this will add a lot to your safety.

Now, let’s talk about the performance and the features.

The TOTOBAY lamp is armed with durable LEDs that can output a reliable performance of up to 100,000 hours, while on the other hand, this model comes with USB port and charging port and aside from recharging the headlamp itself, you can also use it for charging your mobile devices anytime you want!

Moreover, depending on what you want to achieve in a specific moment, you can easily adjust it up and down for up to 90-degrees, and surely, this will offer you greater control over the lighting since this combined with its 6000 lumens will undoubtedly deliver a large coverage!

When it comes to the light modes, the TOTOBAY led headlamp has 4 working light modes, such as the low, middle, high and strobe, so feel free to use each without having to worry about anything.

Before we end, I’d like to inform you that the manufacturer recommends you charge the battery in a dry environment, and if you notice that the light isn’t as bright as before, you would have to recharge it right away. This takes approximately 8 hours though.

To summarize, I strongly recommend you consider the TOTOBAY headlamp, especially if you love having a led headlamp that packs 4 working light modes and has 6000 lumens of brightness which makes it be more than suitable candidate for fishing and any type of outdoor activity!

1. Cobiz Headlamp

The Cobiz Headlamp is a fairly new headlamp that has appeared on the market in 2019, however, it has quickly established itself as a phenomenal option for fishermen, campers, and hikers because this unit has everything needed to guarantee you enough brightness to illuminate a wide area for your ultimate user experience!

In terms of the design, the Cobiz has a very practical, and durable IPX4-certified construction that consists of an easily adjustable headband that can fit different head shapes and sizes, indicator light that is located on the battery compartment with the intention to keep you notified regarding the battery status,  as well as quality wiring that will ensure sufficient power for the LEDs.

If we dig a bit deeper, you will see that this headlamp comes with 2x 3200-mAh batteries that do a highly good job in bringing the best performance out of this unit, which basically means that you will have hands and hassle-free experience without an additional need of flashlights! Who doesn’t like this? All you have to do is to sit on a chair, throw the fishing cork and enjoy the view!

Performance-wise, this model offers 4 levels of lighting, including the low, medium, high and strobe, and depending on the level of brightness you’re seeking, you can choose the most suitable one and this fishing headlamp will ensure a consistent performance that will keep you satisfied!

What makes this unit different from the others is its zooming capability and the fact that its head has a 90-degree swivel ability so you can position it to face any direction you want without having issues at all! In fact, its 6000 lumens of brightness is more than good to cover a vast amount of area!

I’d also like to mention that those who’ve been using this fishing headlamp claim that if you use the low setting, you can expect a performance of up to 3 hours, whereas, the higher settings will offer you around 3 hours. Considering its price tag, I think that you will be satisfied by its performance, but still, I think that the manufacturer could’ve done even a better job, and this fishing headlamp would become an example of what does a flawless fishing headlamp means!

Another interesting thing about the Cobiz is that even if you’ve been wearing it for a longer period of time, you will unlikely feel that this unit heats up at all, and this is very important since nobody wants to have some kind of burning sensation especially when it comes to fishing!

However, please keep in mind that you should never use the fishing headlamp while it’s charging, while the second thing you should note is that the fishing headlamp isn’t designed to be used for diving underwater.

In the end, I’d definitely recommend you this product as your next purchase, because it is unrealistically good, it is affordable and if you ever decide to purchase it, you will assure yourself of its wonderful performance and build quality! Definitely one of the best fishing headlamps out there.

Fishing Headlamp Buying Guide

one of the best fishing headlamps

As you may already know, there are hundreds of headlamps available on the market, but not all of them will offer you the performance and sight you’d like to see, and anglers are often disappointed by their purchase, because their chosen headlamps may not be adequate for their purpose.

In this section, I will list you some hints and tips that you can follow in order to get the right headlamp for you because my duty is to bring you nothing but the best products with the intention to keep you as satisfied as possible!

Water Resistance

First and foremost, keep in mind that nearly all of the available headlamps are sold as “water-proof”, and even though this may be true, still, some of them may not have the durability you’d want from them.

So, I’d suggest you prioritize those headlamps who have an IPX6 water resistant rating and above because they will surely serve their job completely fine and usually, they are the most reliable headlamps. Since you are going to use them near water all the time, getting a water resistant fishing headlamp is important. Most models are water resistant, so you shouldn’t worry about that.


For your information, the brightness of a headlamp or any type of a bulb is measured in lumens. So, the higher the lumens the brighter the headlamp/bulb will be.

Usually, anglers always strive to get the brightest option that is available on the market, and this means having headlamps with 200+ lumens.

Just keep one thing in mind. Having a fishing headlamp that does not have 200 lumens may be adequate for fishing under a moonlight, however, if your environment is quite dark, then you won’t have the most ideal experience. Therefore, I’d recommend you take advantage of headlamps with 200 or more lumens.


Since fishing is a relaxing hobby, you can always improve your comfort, and the best way to achieve this is to have a comfortable headlamp.

Hence, there are multiple factors that affect how comfortable headlamps feel.

For instance, the material is maybe the number 1 factor here, and I would suggest you choose headlamps with a soft elastic band. In fact, the softer the elastic band is, the less strain you will feel.

The second thing is the adjustability of the headlamp itself because you can opt to choose whether the band should stay on your head or not. Finally, always try to get a headlamp that is lightweight because nobody wants to feel fatigued instead of relaxed while fishing.

Type of light

Ideally, you would require a headlamp whose light is red, because this color will penetrate in pitch dark areas, and at the same time, this color allows your eyes to adjust to the dark on the contrary to white light.

For your information, white light is better at illuminating the water at greater depths. So, if possible, get a fishing headlamp that has a dedicated white and red mode, so you can experiment and see which one suits your preferences the most.

Light Modes

Light modes are a very important aspect of fishing headlamps. Most of the fishing headlamps available have a feature that will let you customize the brightness of the beam, and there are some headlamps that even have zoom features. The more lightning modes a headlamp has, the better. That’s why, getting a headlamp that has a lot of lightning modes is a plus.


In general, headlamps are available either as regular batteries or with rechargeable batteries. Although the choice will be entirely up to you, I’d suggest you choose the rechargeable ones because they are more convenient to use.

But, what both of them have in common is the life expectancy, right? So, if you always adjust the settings to make the headlamps glow at the brightest possible setting, the battery will wear off quickly. Therefore, I’d recommend you to look for balance and to choose headlamps whose battery life is durable and can last for a longer period of time.

Night Vision

Night vision is also very important when it comes to headlamps. Those usually have super bright led bulbs, and most of the time they have white and red light bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What’s the ideal amount of lumens you need for night fishing?

A: The general rule of a thumb says that the more lumens you have the brighter and better your site is going to be. On the market, there are headlamps with low, medium and high output. Personally, I’d suggest you choose headlamps that have 200+ lumens, but at the same time, keep in mind that the battery life will wear off at a faster rate. Getting a headlamp with a good battery life is definitely a good idea. If you plan to do night fishing, get a brighter one. Night fishing is a sport on its own, and i recommend it to everyone!

Q: Is having a headlamp better choice in comparison to flashlights?

A: I would say yes, because they are multi-functional tools that are ideal for a variety of different purposes, starting from fishing, outdoor sports, camping, etc. Since we are talking about fishing, headlamps will allow your hands to be free so that you can only rely on the “fishing” part including the activities such as paddling, fishing, etc

Q: White or Red color choice?

A: Why not both, if possible? If not, then go for the red-colored light because of its ability to provide you a wider coverage on one side, whereas, on the other, fish won’t flee from the red lights as they would do from white lights.

Q: What’s the best fishing headlamp?

A: There isn’t such thing as “the best” in this world, because there are thousands of different products available, and maybe the cheapest one is ideal for certain people, while, the most expensive ones may not be adequate for a person’s taste. So, the closest and most precise answer to this question would be the headlamps mentioned in this article. One of them will surely satisfy your needs and personal taste!

Q: Are headlamps necessary?

A: In short, no they aren’t. You’re not obliged to have one, however, having one will greatly improve your fishing experience and make everything easier. This is the same with fish finders and other fishing accessories.


I hope that I’ve helped you choose the best headlamps and that you’ve found this article informative because I’ve given my best to offer you the tips you should follow prior to purchasing, and the products that will guarantee you convenient and effective experience any time you go fishing!

If you have additional questions, or if you would like me to type on a specific topic, feel free to contact me because I’m always available for you.

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