Best GoPro For Fishing

Some people see it as an exciting way to spend time, while some take fishing as a profession, a lifestyle or a job. No matter which of these ones you find yourself in, whether you’re successful at it or you can’t catch fish at all, it’s still going to be fun and a great way to spend time.

Having a GoPro with you at all times with only makes this better, you’ll be able to save all your memories and all the moments, and maybe later on, show it to your friends, children, grandkids, and other family members.

Now that I mentioned it, back in the day, it was my grandfather who used to show me pictures of him in black and white, they were all with him showing off that he caught a big fish, so that was the first time that I figured I really liked fishing.

A GoPro is the ideal photography and videography tool for fishing simply because it’s easy to use, most come with touchscreen controls, they are capable of delivering HD quality content, and they are quite versatile and portable, so you won’t even notice having it with you. The first camera i had was a GoPro Hero5 Black, and ever since then i never go fishing without one.

I can go all day and point out other reasons why a GoPro would be a good addition to your fishing routines, but I think you get the idea of it already.

So in this article, I’ compiled a list of 5 best GoPro for fishing that you can get. Each of them is chosen with proper research and testing, and they’re based on durability, features, design, and budget of course. You can find from affordable to high-end, so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find the one that meets your requirements the most.

Okay, let’s not wait any further and get straight to the reviews to see what makes these products be so special, whereas at the end, you’ll also find some informational and useful articles as well as some buying tips. So, let’s get into it.

Top 5 Best GoPro’s For Fishing

5. GoPro HERO+

The first option that I saw fit to enlist as your number five to go product is the GoPro Hero+, one of the main reasons being the budget-friendly price.

The GoPro Hero+ is not as new as the other models that I’m going to mention in this article, but it definitely deserves more attention due to the fact that it has an ultra-wide field of view, and you can mount it on anything you like. If you find yourself struggling to find an affordable camera, then maybe you should consider the GoPro HERO+.

Design-wise, the HERO+ features the classic GoPro camera design, while apart from that, you’ll also going to be happy to know that it includes an LCD screen. In addition, some may take this as an advantage but some as a disadvantage, the camera is permanently in its rugged housing, so if you happen to scratch the camera lens, take in mind that you can never replace it.

On the other hand, the permanent casing will help new users which will drop the device multiple times, while for the most part, the device is quite durable and it’s going to last you for many years to come.

To continue, the GoPro Hero+ doesn’t have a removable battery, which isn’t that great because you can only charge it with a power bank or a similar device.

There is though a microSD port that can house cards up to 64GB, while close by, you will notice the micro USB port for charging. This permanent housing along with the ruggedness that we mentioned also enables the Hero+ to be waterproof up to 10 meters deep.

Moreover, the Hero+ provides you with plenty of options when it comes to shooting capabilities, starting from the 1080p mode at 60 frames per second and 720p at 60fps, and on top of this with the GoPro’s SuperView feature you can get 720p at 60fps at the taller 16:9 format. It also is capable of shooting time lapse videos, so that’s also a great thing.

For added convenience, what I also like about this particular model is the GoPro’s Auto Low Light feature, and what it basically does is that it drops the frame rate so your videos aren’t too dark in dimly lit rooms or conditions.

To finish up, from my experience, the fishing GoPro HERO+ is a worthy addition to your fishing routines, and for the most part, you will like it because it has a reasonable price and it offers everything for it.

4. GoPro HERO6 Black 

If you compare this one to the older model, the Hero 6 gets some really impressive upgrades such as the 4K footage recording at 60fps, the super slow-motion Full HD 240fps video, and so on. But these are not the only improvements that the camera has, image quality has also been elevated to a whole new level, while the transfer speeds and smaller file sizes will make your experience with the GoPro a lot more enjoyable.

The first difference that is worth mentioning is the aptly named GP1 processor, it’s what has allowed the Hero6 to offer 4K video at 60 frames per second, and has managed to make the Hero6 different from all its predecessors who could only shoot at 30fps.

When fishing, you will definitely like the breathtaking slow-mo footage that the Hero6 takes, it can capture at 1080p Full HD at 240 frames per second. In theory, such specs will allow you to shoot 2.7K footage at 120 frames per second.

The most appealing feature of the Hero6 which also makes it stand out from the other models on the market is that it has image stabilization active even while shooting 4K footage. So in other terms, video stabilization can go up to 120 frames per second in Full HD. Another thing it can do is shoot time lapses, which I think is worth mentioning.

For those that want to capture stills, the Hero6 also offers 12MP images in single, burst and timelapse modes, but apart from all of the old features, there’s also a new feature, a built-in HDR mode for high-contrast scenes.

HDR replaces the old Wide Dynamic Range mode, and when combined with the GP1 processing engine, it can capture images with greater details in both the shadows and highlights. For added convenience, the Hero6 also includes a Night mode which will serve you good for low-light shooting.

In terms of construction, the Hero6 features a sturdy plastic frame that allows you to mount the camera in every way possible, while the design overall is pretty tight, and you can fit in a microSD card right near the user-swappable battery.

In addition, this particular model also features a 2-inch touchscreen on the back which delivers great detail, and you can review videos and photos, adjust settings all with a touch-based interface. I don’t think a touch display is necessary when fishing, but it’s a good thing to have nonetheless.

What I also like is that the Hero6 includes 12 simple voice commands, covering pretty much everything you could ever ask for. This will serve as a substitute to the touchscreen interface, if you feel like touchscreen needs too much effort to do something, you can use the voice control.

All and all, the fishing GoPro HERO6 delivers the most value out of all the other products that I’ve mentioned in this list. It’s decent, it has a plethora of premium features, and it doesn’t even come at a hefty price, so you should definitely go for it.

3. GoPro HERO 7 Black

Even though the HERO 7 is not GoPro’s flagship anymore, it is totally capable of video and stills with excellent quality, while for the most part, it is greatly improved from the other models due to the included HyperSmooth video stabilization. So, let’s dive in more to see what else to expect from the GoPro HERO 7.

The Hero 7 doesn’t differ much from the Hero 6 black, in fact, many fans are mad about it because this was supposed to be the new flagship back then, but instead, fans got a product similar to the Hero6 without any breakthroughs.

The GoPro Hero7 features the same 12-megapixel sensor as well as the same wide-angle lens. So this means that it also has the same video specs, 4K at 60fps and Full HD to a maximum 240fps for 8x slowed-down footage. It also has a touch display which is worth mentioning.

What’s the most significant change is the HyperSmooth stabilization, it’s basically a combination of hardware and software, and it definitely presents a clear advantage for anyone who may find using a gimbal for their chosen thrill inconvenient.

Since we mentioned the Hypersmooth video stabilization, it’s also important to note that this feature can also be used when capturing 60frames per second footage at full resolution. However, take in mind that you can’t use this feature when capturing Full HD footage at 240frames per second, and in 120fps as well, but you won’t be without anything even there, standard stabilization will be present at all times.

Another new feature that makes the Hero7 stand out from the Hero6 is the TimeWarp video. What it does is that it basically combines the idea of regular frame-by-frame-time-lapse shooting with Hypersmooth. If you get the idea of it already, you’ll end up with a stabilized hyperlapse.

In addition to that, you can also move the camera at all times while capturing time-lapse footage, so this also means that you won’t need a tripod at all.
Same as with the Hero6, you also get voice control here with 12 separate commands such as “Take a photo”, “Start video recording”, and so on.

Lastly, another feature that is worth mentioning is the SuperPhoto, it’s the new innovation which makes taking photos a breeze. In practice, this feature automates a handful of helpful features that you may not think to enable when capturing photos. To be more precise, you won’t have to call on HDR when shooting with a wide dynamic range, because this will do it for you if you want.

Before we end, let’s also mention that the Hero7 is waterproof down to 10m/33ft, while the Hero 7’s design is almost the same kind of rugged and largely rubbered body as the Hero 6.

Overall, the Hero 7 is definitely a must-have, and if you have the budget for it, you should really take this option into serious consideration because it truly offers everything you could ever ask for in a fishing GoPro. Other than that, it will be the best companion for you when fishing.

Alternatives you can consider

2. AKASO V50 Elite

People really seem to make use of GoPro cameras, and they are pretty versatile which makes it easy for them to be used in different fields and situations. In this case, the AKASO V50 would be a great addition for fishing. The manufacturer has managed to check all the boxes when crafting and implementing this camera with the latest technologies, and all I can say is that it does all you could ever ask it to do.

The AKASO v50 Elite action camera would be an ideal option if you don’t want to go for a GoPro camera, this is a worthy alternative which delivers excellent value for money. More on that, you’ll also like the fact that the v50 Elite can record 4K Ultra HD footage at 60 frames per second.

Therefore, you can capture amazing 4K footage, it’s suitable for enthusiasts as well as professionals because every part of this camera is pretty easy to use. Other than that, the AKASO v50 comes with a number of other features which can be pretty useful to you, but we’ll talk about that later in this review.

For now, let’s stick to the camera’s construction. The AKASO v50 Elite features a small, versatile and lightweight construction which feels pretty light on hand and you won’t even notice holding it. To be more precise, the camera only weighs around 76grams and it measures 60x32x41mm.

Design-wise, the camera has a very eye-catching design, well, it doesn’t feel rugged, it rather gives a soft to touch feeling and a sophisticated look.
In addition, you’ll find a two-inch LCD screen on the back of the camera which features 4:3 format, however, it can deliver plenty od details and it is as responsible as it gets.

To get back to the accessories that I mentioned above, the v50 Elite includes a remote control, two 1050mAh batteries, a waterproof case, a battery charger, a bicycle or motorcycle stand, six mounts, two 2-sided tapes, two helmet mounts, a bandage, five tethers, one protective backdoor, a USB cloth, a quick reference guide which will be useful at first if you find it hard to use some of the camera’s functionalities, and on top of that, a cloth for cleaning the lens which is great.

However, it’s important to note that the waterproof case is not as you’d expect it to be light, it’s a bit bulkier than most other cases, but it allows the v50 Elite to go 40 meters deep without being damaged at all.

Moreover, what I also like about the AKASO v50 Elite is that it can record at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, while on the other hand, one of the main selling points, for the most part, is that it can take photos like the GoPro Hero+ at 20MP resolution. Apart from that, you’ll also be happy to know that the viewing angle of the device is adjustable, which means that you’ll get a pretty good footage overall.

Before we end, let’s also point out the fact that with this tool, you also get an 8x slow-motion video at 720p and has built-in voice control and Wi-Fi, so as you can see, the manufacturer provides you with everything you could ever ask for.

To conclude, if you’re looking for the most decent and worthy GoPro alternative, the AKASO v50 Elite action camera is as reliable as it gets and it has plenty of features to make your overall experience with it more enjoyable. Definitely a great action camera that’s worth it!

1. Sony FDRX3000R 

The Sony FDRX3000R action camera is more like the big brother of all action cameras, and this one would be the best addition to your fishing routines. Before we start, it’s important to mention that the Sony FDRX3000R is an expensive tool to go with, so if you’re after a budget-friendly one, then this isn’t the right option for you. However, it does come with all the latest technologies as well as all the most premium features out there, so if you’re after having the best experience, then stick with me for the next couple of minutes to see what this remarkable tool is capable off.

In terms of construction, this particular model is very small in size, but it does pack some impressive functionalities within, such as the perfect B.O.SS image stabilization technology, the waterproof case, digital zoom, and another set of features and accessories which tend to make your overall experience with the camera more joyful and practical.

Since we started talking about construction, let’s also point out that this action camera measures only 29x47x83mm in total, while for the most part, besides the versatile and small construction you will also like the fact that the camera is splashproof.

To continue, just beneath the lens, you’ll notice that the camera features two microphones, while nearby, you will find the tripod thread and Micro SD port. Along with the box, the camera comes with a Live View remote which makes the camera’s value go above the charts, and from what I’ve gathered, the remote is how the camera gained all its reputation.

Now that we started with accessories, along with all of the above-mentioned assets, this action camera also comes with a wristband, a mound adapter, a cradle for recharging, finger grip, helmet mount, bicycle or motorcycle mount, waterproof casing, and so on. As for the waterproof casing, it allows the camera to function up to 60 meters deep, while it also adds some extra points when it comes to its durability.

Moreover, it’s also important to point out the camera’s Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology which enables the camera to shoot 4K with 30 frames per second, whereas if you want to go down, it can also shoot slow-motion videos.

From my experience, the videos all look pretty amazing, they’re sharp followed by great details and coloring, and just as you can imagine, it’s a Sony action camera quality, so you won’t really need to worry about anything.

Overall, the Sony FDRX3000R is a great fishing camera and it has the best footage quality on the market, and you won’t really find anything better than this, especially if you’re looking for a tool to record your fishing experiences. You can also take a look at some underwater fishing cameras so you can see what is going on under the waters.

GoPro for Fishing Tips

best gopro for fishing

  • Find the one that meets your requirements(your budget for the most part), and for fishing, a GoPro is an ideal option due to the small and lightweight construction which makes it a versatile unit.
  • Try slow-motion shots – and as you may already know, these look really cool for dramatic effect, and if you plan on shooting slow-motion shots, you should do that using the highest frame rate possible if you want your video to be smooth and high quality.
  • Try burst mode for stills – Apart from video footage, you may also want to take some still photos, but videos as well. The best advice is, don’t do just one shot at a time, use burst mode to take multiple photos and then in the end, you can choose which one is worthy of telling a story to someone.
  • The best frame rate and video resolution – you should always film at 60fps, it will make your footage smooth, and if you decide to edit it, you will have a better experience while doing it.
  • Get some underwater footage – if you’re doing something on the water, why not show it how it looks under the water, so make sure you get a couple of underwater footage’s because that’s how basically GoPro’s became famous.
  • Pack extra batteries and memory cards – filming tends to drain the battery a little faster than taking photos, so make sure you have some extra batteries and memories cards in case you run out of space. Most action cameras don’t have a very long battery life, so packing a few extra batteries to prolong the battery life is a good move.
  • GoPros don’t have a great battery life – Unless you are planning to record yourself while fishing for 10 hours straight, you shouldn’t have a problem, but GoPro’s don’t really have a great battery life, so you should get some extra just in case.
  • GoPro App – The GoPro app can help you edit and create amazing movies from your footage.


As we got our product reviews and everything else out of the way, you should now know enough and all that you need to for buying your first GoPro for fishing. These extra tips at the end are there to give you an idea of what you can try doing if you have a GoPro, and all of them are going to make your experience a whole lot better.

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