Best Ice Fishing Gloves

You can invest tons of money on your fishing equipment, ranging from rods, reels, baits, boats, and whatnot, however, the most important tool in your arsenal will always be your hands. While it can be overlooked to not pay too much attention to your hands in the summer or warm weather fishing, it is extremely important to keep your hands warm during ice fishing. Our body’s natural reaction to cold conditions is to reduce blood flow to the extremities to keep the inner more vital organs warmer, so they are safer.

However, this means that your hands will get cold in no time and that means that your fishing performance will decrease significantly and besides all that it is uncomfortable to have really cold hands for extended periods. This is especially true for ice fishing since water can decrease the temperature of your body 25 times faster than the air. So when you combine the already freezing temperatures of the air with water contact that you have when you are practicing ice fishing, you recreate a recipe for disaster. So as a first it is essential to keep your hands dry and warm whenever it is possible.

Even the people that are the most resistant to cold can say that even the smallest contact with the water, for example when landing a fish, will make your body go super cold and ruin your whole fishing day. I can personally attest that you really can’t bait, can’t tie anything, and overall everything becomes annoying and unenjoyable, effectively ruining your whole mood. For that purpose, it is necessary to invest in a good pair of gloves for ice fishing.

However, not any kind of gloves will do the job properly and you should do your research before buying and purchase the best ice fishing gloves in the market that will fit your needs properly. However, as a general they should all be comfortable, safe, keep your hands warm, be at least water-resistant if not waterproof which is always welcome.

Today I will try to clear up some air and show you the best pick and how to choose one, what you should look out for and tons of more information that will help you further while you are making a choice. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Our Picks For The Best Ice Fishing Gloves

10. Memphis Ninja Ice

We are going to start this list with a very popular and simple but effective fishing glove, the Memphis Ninja Ice.

These gloves might not be the most interesting pair but they will do their job perfectly with their construction made out of polymer carbon and a unique shell from 15 gauge black nylon.

The outer part of these gloves will keep your hands dry, will be pretty flexible and will keep your hands warm at the same time. They are also pretty affordable and will deliver tons of comfort. The reviews for this product on Amazon are pretty high and the fit was always as expected so you won’t be faced with surprises.

9. Palmyth Neoprene Fishing

Next up we have a pair of great ice fishing gloves that will deliver warmth, waterproofing thanks to their neoprene nature and dexterity, the Palmyth Neoprene Fishing gloves. These gloves are designed for their thumb and index to have opened so you can use them when you need precision and cover them for the rest part.

These gloves have an amazing fit and are unisex in their sizing, you will feel the action of the rod properly with these gloves. On top of that for the perfect fit, they have a velcro strap on the wrist. These gloves will keep your hands dry, warm, and will allow you to use your hands properly when needed, perfect for anglers and ice fishing in general.

8. Kinco HydroFlector

Next up we have the Kinco HydroFlector, which is a great pair of waterproof gloves that will keep your hands warm and dry. However, these gloves are not too thick to take away from your dexterity, and on top of all this, these gloves are pretty affordable for the majority of the buyers.

These gloves are constructed with a double-layer of green 15-gauge heavy thermal acrylic knit to keep your hands warm and on top of that, it also has a 7-gauge brushed loop thermal liner for insulation. It does its job excellently and I can say that these gloves keep your hands warm and also wick the moisture of your hands when things get too hot.

The black sandy latex coating in the palm gives you elasticity and grip, and overall these gloves are pretty much perfect.

7. Glacier Perfect Curve

On number seven on this list, we have a pair of excellent gloves made by Glacier, the Perfect Curve. These gloves are specifically made for ice fishing since they use a perfect Yamamoto Neoprene material. I can assure you that this material has super high water resistance, more than your normal neoprene and on top of that it is more durable than neoprene.

One of my favorite features of these gloves is that these gloves extend past your wrists, similar to gauntlet style, however, with a tighter fit so it will keep your hands protected from the element at all times. On top of that, they also have a grippy surface which is perfect for ice fishing and the pre-curved knuckles give you plenty of flexibility.

6. Rapala Marine Fisherman 

Moving on with our list, I have a pair of excellent gloves here that are specifically designed for perfect grip and control while fishing, the Rapala Marine Fisherman. These gloves are constructed with a latex coating and are designed to be used in a wide variety of scenarios including fresh and saltwater, so you are not limited to one.

These gloves are also pretty easy to maintain as you can toss them into the washing machine, and you can use them for a long time as they are extremely durable. However, I should mention that these gloves are not waterproof, but water-resistant, however, they will deliver great functionality while ice fishing is not the most extreme circumstances.

5. Black Diamond Mercury Mitts  

On the other side of the spectrum, if you need a pair of heavy-duty gloves that can keep your hands warm and dry in extreme circumstances the Diamond Mercury Mitts are the perfect fit for you. These are a premium pair of gloves that are extremely thick full-on waterproof and have super insulation to keep your hands dry and warm at all times.

Like I said earlier these gloves are perfect for fishing in extreme circumstances when you need the most protection, however, these may cost a little more than most other gloves in this list. They are also pretty durable and will be by your side for a long time, and I can say that they are pretty versatile for cold weather, however, they aren’t the best for dexterity.

4. Stormr Typhoon 

Moving on we have another pair of gloves that are specifically made for fishing the Stormr Typhoon. These are also one of the best gloves you can get for difficult and cold weather, and not just for fishing since they have an amazing 3mm thick neoprene construction that also has a micro-fleece lining. This combination will keep your hands dry warm and will also deliver tons of comfort in the process.

On the palms and fingers the Stormr Typhoon feature Kevlar construction that will make these gloves durable, and also for durability it has blind-stitched seams and hi-grip on the palm to deliver amazing grip for slippy surfaces and fish. One of my favorites since they look amazing and deliver the best functionality by some margin for their price.

3. Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80 

The number three on our list sits a pair of nice and waterproof fishing gloves, the Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80.

These waterproof fishing gloves are designed to provide warmness and insulation up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, I have tested them with snow, ice, icy water and saw that these are amazing.

They are constructed with a sophisticated combination of 40g 3M Thinsulate, waterproof and windproof membrane and a soft micro-fleece lining to deliver one of the best performances even in the harshest conditions. These gloves can also resist cuts, flame, water, wind, some kind of impact, and many more, the non-slip reinforcement just makes things better than it already is. Top-notch pair of gloves.

2. Glacier Pro Angler

As far as ice fishing goes the Glacier Pro Angler is a runner up, only to the number one choice on this list. If you know a little about fishing, you already have knowledge that Glacier makes the best gloves for this hobby, and these are the best ones for ice fishing anglers.

These gloves are constructed a 2mm fleece lined neoprene, that is responsible for keeping your hands warm at all times, and on top of that, it will also deliver you plenty of dexterity and comfort. They have great warmth retention, and on top of that, the thumb and index finger of the gloves can be folded up to provide so you can perform delicate tasks.

1. Glacier Glove ICE BAY

You may have noticed that Glacier Glove has had multiple entries on this list, but for the number one, we have a special glove from them, the Glacier Glove ICE BAY. These gloves are not specifically designed for ice fishing, however, plenty of fishermen including me, have noticed that these are the best for ice fishing.
These are 100% waterproof and are constructed from a fleece-lined 2mm neoprene material. On top of that, these gloves are blind-stitched and taped, and also they have a texture in the palms to provide some amount of grip in slippy scenarios. The fit was perfect and I was fairly impressed with these gloves, and in addition to all this, they are very affordable and are well worth their price. The very best.

How to Choose a Proper Pair of Ice Fishing Gloves

best ice fishing gloves

Like I said earlier your hands are your most essential tool when it comes to fishing since you can’t do anything with cold hands since it is uncomfortable, it makes hard to use your friends and it is not advised to let your hands exposed to extreme temperatures, since it may result in injuries. If you follow this guide carefully, I think that you will choose the best ice fishing gloves that will fit your needs without any concern.

In my opinion, the most important factor when it comes to gloves for ice fishing should be warmth, waterproofing, dexterity, comfort, and fit. If you pay attention to these factors you will make a great choice and won’t be mistaken. Let’s dive deeper into these factors.

Warmth – The biggest reason people buy gloves is to keep their hands warm and this is especially true for ice fishing since you are dealing with icy weather and freezing cold water. As I told you earlier in this guide, hands are super sensitive to temperature, and they become extremely vulnerable to freezing and frostbite during practice. So, in my opinion, the most important feature of an ice fishing glove is its ability to keep your hands warm and conserve heat in the process, if it can do that it probably is a worthy alternative.

The level of warmth that the gloves will depend on the material that is being used in the construction of the gloves and the amount of insulation, some of the most common and best materials that are used for insulation are neoprene, nylon, Thinsulate and fleece. Also, you should take a look at the thickness of the material and how many layers are used in the construction, the higher the better in terms of warmth. For example, a 40 grams Thinsulate is pretty much enough, but the higher you go the better, but it will also depend on the environment you plan to fish, the colder the more insulation you have to opt for.

Waterproof vs Water-Resistant – First off make sure that the gloves you are considering are either waterproof or water-resistant since if the gloves get soaked the moment you touch the snow or fish, that will instantly result in cold and wet hands for the whole day. To keep things safe you better invest in a pair of waterproof gloves, which will help in turn to keep your hands warm, because wet hands will result in cold hands instantly.

However, you should also know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant gloves. On one hand, you have water-resistant gloves, and like their name implies they won’t completely repel water, so after some time there is a slight chance that your hands can get a little wet, but not entirely.

On the other hand, you have the 100% waterproof gloves which as like their name suggests they are waterproof at all times and are made from materials like neoprene, which means that they will be a little stiffer and will decrease your dexterity and not as comfortable as other materials, but you will have to choose where you will compromise in this aspect.

Dexterity – This is also very important since you still have to everything with your hands, and if you do not have maneuverability and dexterity when you wear your gloves and can’t complete the basic tasks that you have to undertake while ice fishing, and if you can’t do that what is even the point. While you can find some superb winter gloves that are waterproof and keep your hands warm but they prove to be extremely thick to be functional while fishing.

This means that some insulation, warmth, and waterproofing, might have to be sacrificed so you get a pair of ice fishing gloves that are thin enough to provide dexterity and functionality while still being waterproof or resistant and warm enough. There are a nice pair of gloves that have finger cutouts, that you may use when you need to tie hooks and lures, so you won’t take them off completely. There are also some materials that have some kind of a stretch to it that may prove useful and you can also opt for gloves with textured palms for a non-slip grip.

Comfort – Let’s face it, you can have the best pair of ice fishing gloves, but if they don’t feel comfortable it is not the ideal choice. Be assured that the fit is comfortable enough to allow your hands to move comfortably and won’t make things too hot. The materials that I mentioned earlier in the article are probably still the best in this aspect as well so they are pretty safe choices, however, when it comes to neoprene it is still better to choose them under 3mm thickness to get the best experience.

Durability – You should also make sure that your new gloves for ice fishing are durable since if a pair of gloves tears and destroys easily, it is not the best one for ice fishing. Since you will have to deal with hooks, teeth, scales, and whatnot. The main indicator of the durability of your gloves will be the material such as neoprene, kevlar, nylon, IceTech, Cordura and similar are more resistant to wear and tear. However, make sure that the stitching is proper as well, and if possible choose double stitching. Choosing high-quality, well built durable gloves will be equal to more expensive models however, it will deliver plenty of value through the years.

Fit and Sizing – Fit and sizing of the gloves are majorly overlooked, but I can assure you that improperly fitting gloves will make things even worse. So make sure that you have measured your hands properly and if possible take your old gloves that fit correctly and use them as a benchmark to choose better fitting gloves. Once you have measured your hands compare with the sizing chart, which nearly every manufacturer provides and choose the correct size for your hands.


There you have it my fellow anglers, a complete guide to buying the best ice fishing gloves in the market. If you follow this guide properly you can’t be mistaken about your next ice fishing gloves, but if you want to play things safe the top picks that I have provided will never disappoint you. Until next time.

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