Best Kayak Carts in 2020 [Top 5 Picks]

When I think about it starting kayaking was actually one of the best things I have ever done. It has been extremely fun and super useful for fishing. However, kayaks come with some disadvantages that make the whole process a little difficult. First of all, they are pretty big and heavy, so transportation of them is hell, to be honest. Securing them to your car properly and going to the river or lake, and then taking them off there is pretty straining.

Also if you have to carry them for a long distance from your car to the body of water things get even more annoying. Even if you have a technique that makes it easier on your body, after some time you will be extremely annoyed. For that reason, I recommend to everyone to invest in a great kayak cart that will make your job easier, especially if you take that bad boy for a spin more often.

Today you will read my guide on how to buy the best kayak carts in the market. I think you will be able to buy the best cart for your needs without a doubt by the end of the article. I have written this article based on my experience, market research, expert consultation, and buyer feedback. We are going to take a look at the top picks, things you should know before buying one and answer some frequently asked questions. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

The Top 5 Best Kayak Carts

5. Bonnlo Kayak Cart

We are going to start off this list with an affordable but exceptional kayak cart the Bonnlo Kayak Cart. This one is pretty much excellent delivering perfect value for its price. I was actually a little concerned about the durability of this thing since the wheels are made out of middle ribbon PVC and TPU, but with its 165-pound carrying capacity, it convinced me.

This thing is packed with two large wheels on each side and the whole thing is made out of solid aluminum to deliver durability and keeping the weights low. I should mention that no tools will be required for assembly.

The 12 feet tie-down strap is also perfect and allows you to secure the kayak perfectly to the cart and transport it to the body of water. The foam padding just makes things easier and safer, a must-try.

4. TMS 2 X Jon Boat 

TMS is one of the most well-known brands in the business when it comes to kayaks, and the TMS 2 X Jon Boat has made the kayak transportation thing extremely easy for you with its wide range of features that are extremely useful for every kayak owner. Let’s take a closer look.

First off I have to talk about the construction of this kayak which is pretty interesting and will allow plenty of stability and usefulness. It will allow you to transport your kayak from your car to the shore easily without any damage thanks to its 3.5-inch foam bumpers that were my favorite.

I should mention that it is packed with 13-inch nylon straps for protection during transportation and it is very easy to secure it to the cart. Thanks to this you won’t have to worry about any bump or hill down the road. The metal frame of the TMS 2 X Jon Boat can handle up to 150 pounds and the 9.5-inch tires allow you to smoothly travel through uneven terrains.

3. ABN Universal Kayak Carrier

Nearing the top of the list we have one of the most impressive kayak carts or carriers in the market, the ABN Universal Kayak Carrier. This kayak carrier has some very interesting features that make it very interesting and very useful. It is definitely one of the most versatile options in the market if you are looking for that.

I can say that due to its construction and shape the ABN Universal Kayak Carrier is really universal like its name implies, allowing you to carry any type of water vessel with tons of convenience. It is built with an anodized steel body that gives it extreme durability and strength, allowing it to carry vessels up to 200 pounds.

I was pretty impressed with the knobby tires of this thing that we’re also inflatable, allowing you to go through any terrain you may come across. It is very compatible and it is pretty compact allowing for easy storage, in addition to that the large padding makes things easier for you as well.

2. Malone Clipper Deluxe

The runner up on this list is the Malone Clipper Deluxe, a universal kayak cart that is definitely one of the most popular choices since it is really an excellent one. It is really versatile as well as it works for both kayaks and canoes, definitely can support both without any problem with its 200-pound loading capacity.

One of my favorite features of this kayak cart is that it is built from a corrosion-resistant material on its frame that makes it extremely durable. On top of that, it also equipped with never go flat tires in its wheels that are also removable and will be able to move you through any surface without any problem.

I should also mention that this kayak cart has tons of padding on its frame that gives tons of protection to your kayak, plus the locking kickstand makes things pretty stable overall. It is also a foldable and lightweight cart that you can take it on your kayak, definitely one fo the best.

1. Suspenz Smart Airless DLX

Coming to the top of the list we have the definite best cart in the market the Suspenz Smart Airless DLX. This kayak cart combines all the favorite features of the perfect kayak cart and it delivers them at a great price. It is a platform cart hat that has straps that let you attach your kayak properly to it.

I have to say that this one looks like a construction tool, with its yellow and black safety color scheme and hard as hell construction. It has a powder-coated aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware, to make this cart lightweight and pretty much super durable overall. It is also packed with 10-inch airless tires that are virtually indestructible and pretty maneuverable.

On the frame, you will also find some padding in the form of rubber pads instead of foam that is better than foam in terms of durability. It is extremely reliable and will make your fishing trips all the easier, a must consider for every kayak owner.

Things to Know Before Buying Kayak Cart

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Like every product you are planning to buy it is better to know the features or qualities that your kayak cart can come with so, you can make a better and more informed decision. Let’s see what you should know before buying a kayak cart.


First off you should know what kind of kayak cart you want to buy. There are three types you can buy and each of them come with different qualities that may be appropriate and more helpful for your use, let’s check them out.

Plug-in Carts 

These carts are equipped with fixed wheels, that make them the most lightweight choices, and are also extremely convenient overall since they deliver great stability.

Folding Carts 

On the other hand, these carts they deliver great portability and transportability since they can be folded just like their name implies and are the first-hand choice of many kayakers.

Strap Carts 

As you would have guessed from the name, these carts have a strap that will help you move the kayak from one place to another more smoothly, and are also pretty popular among kayakers.

I have to state that there is no wrong choice, but you might prefer one better than the other, and it is your personal preference, nothing wrong with that. Consider what your needs are and buy accordingly, so you won’t be disappointed.


The main point of buying a kayak cart is transporting the kayak easily, and if you buy a kayak with bad wheels and tires you are definitely in for a bad time. There are several types of wheels you will see on carts, such as plastic, rubber and also inflatable ones. Plastic wheels are the cheapest ones you can choose, but come with the disadvantage of limited mobility in uneven surfaces like sand, and they can get stuck from time to time.

For that reason, unless you know that you will only travel on flat even surfaces, it might be better to choose a kayak cart with rubber or inflatable wheels. These might be a little more expensive but they will allow you to roll through any surface. On top of that if you buy a puncture-proof one you are all set and you don’t need to worry about it.


Look this is one aspect that counts for everything you plan on buying. For example, if I buy something I want it to last, and I know that most of you feel the same. So if you want your kayak cart to last for a long time you definitely need to invest in one that is built with durable and quality materials. Most of the kayak carts you will see these days are built from good materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and composite. I have to mention that these are all corrosion-resistant and that is actually pretty important here since your kayak will be wet most of the time.

Plastic might seem like a bad choice, but they are nice reinforced plastic kayak carts that are pretty lightweight and relatively strong. On the other hand, there are stainless steel kayak carts that will last a lifetime but are a little heavy. The best of both worlds is aluminum that is super durable and also lightweight making your job easier, but then again it depends on your personal preference and how much you will use the cart.

Attachment Method

There are three main ways you can attach your kayak to the cart. First off we are going to start with an end cart which delivers you plenty of maneuverability. Also, it is pretty handy and will have a hook that attaches to the end of the kayak to keep it in place. But on the other side, they aren’t adjustable and you have to check whether or not the kayak fits through the hole, and they are a bit more exhausting than the other types.

You will also see scupper hole carts that will attach to the holes that are in some kayaks to help excess water escape from the vessel. These are pretty useful and are excellent, however, not everyone will fit your kayak so make sure to check if your kayak has such a hole and its diameter so it will fit properly without any problem.

Finally, we have the platform or cradle carts that will allow you to strap your kayak on it in a centered position. This makes the weight distributed evenly and it is actually the easiest one on your body. These are actually the most popular ones in the market for this sole reason they make things easier for you, which is the whole purpose of a kayak cart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to use a kayak cart properly?

The correct use of a kayak cart will depend mostly on the type of cart you are buying and the attachment method. For example, if you have an end cart you should connect the boat with the hook on the cart correctly. On the other hand, if you have a scupper hole cart you will need to connect it with the hole in your kayak. Make sure to have no gear inside the kayak when you are connecting it, once you connect it properly and securely though, you can place all your gear inside. With strap or platform carts it is easier you just hop it up to the cart and strap it on securely once you have found balance, after that you can easily store all your gear inside.

Should I take the cart with me while kayaking?

The answer to this question will also depend on the type of kayak cart you are buying and the material that is used in its construction. For example, if you have a foldable lightweight plastic cart you can just fold it and take it with you while kayaking. The other option is to just take it back to your car, or you can just leave it on the shore and hope nothing bad happens. Again this will depend on the type of kayak cart you are buying and your preferences. So make sure to find the perfect one for your purposes.

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