Best Underwater Fishing Cameras

Today we are going to talk about the best underwater fishing cameras in the market, what makes a good one, how to choose, and how to effectively utilize one, besides anything else.

If you are here you already know what I am preaching, fishing and everything about it. It is one of our favorite past times, bonding times, hobbies, whatever you want to call it, fishing is for everyone. Be it a family bonding time, or downtime for relaxing fishing can do it all for you. It isn’t for no reason that humans have practiced it since the dawn of humanity, fishing is perfect in every way. There are so many variables that you can put into your fishing such as changing your location, hunting for different fish, swapping for different fishing reels and rods, practicing different kinds of fishing, trying different seasons and so much more. However, the most important thing you can do to elevate your experience is to invest in different accessories tools and technologies that will take fishing to a whole new level.

One of the most interesting technologies that have advanced in recent years that could help fishermen and anglers are fishing cameras. Fishing cameras let you see what is underwater and help you catch fish more effectively since you are seeing exactly what is there underwater. This will help you locate and track fish faster which in turn will improve the fishing experience.

A fishing camera can be a helpful tool for every fisherman, regardless of the skill and experience level, there are even fish cameras for different waters, so you don’t need to worry about that as well. By utilizing a fishing camera you will see in -real-time where the fish are and how many are there in the area you are planning to fish, so you can return home with a lot of catch. Another thing that makes fishing cameras more attractive is that if there are people on the boat that are not fishing makes the whole ordeal better for them since they feel engaged and entertained with the whole thing.

I have even seen people that use fishing cameras for other purposes besides fishing since the possibilities are endless.Without further, ado let’s get on with it.

Our Picks For The Best Underwater Fishing Cameras

Coming up we have the definite best choice for the best fishing cameras in the market. I can assure you that these are the definite best choices when it comes to underwater fishing cameras, and if you buy one of these you won’t need to be worried about anything, as these will deliver a great performance. I have picked these cameras based on my personal experience with countless models of underwater fishing cameras, market research, and value for the price. Let’s take a closer look.

6. LUCKY Underwater Camera

Underwater fishing cameras come in different price points that reflect on their qualities, and there is the LUCKY Underwater Camera. This is an affordable underwater fishing camera that will help you observe the fish type, quantity and movement underwater.

This camera is dedicated to being used by fisherman, divers, swimmers and many other professionals that practice underwater sports. I wanted to test out the capability of this camera to see whether or not it can deliver the features at the affordable price point, and in turn, help me locate fish faster.

This camera has some interesting features packed in, starting with the 4.3-inch full-color LCD screen with a nice resolution of 480×272. The camera of this device is also pretty impressive as it is packed with 4 infrared LED lights and a nice resolution. It has an 8GB memory card in it and the battery life is also impressive at four hours in total. The line length is a decent 20 meters which will deliver a good performance.

The LUCKY Underwater Camera didn’t look like much in the first impression and I didn’t expect it to perform properly. It had a plastic casing with orange and black in its plastic body, which looked sturdy.

Upon the first operation, I saw that this camera really delivered its intended features, and it could record, take pictures, and you can also preview your images and videos of your underwater adventures. Worth trying, as it will vastly improve your fishing abilities.

5. Aqua-Vu AV 715C

Up next we have the Aqua-Vu AV 715C, which was recommended to me as a value-based product. The company states that this is one of the best affordable underwater cameras in the market so far, delivering you tans of features that will make fishing a more enjoyable experience overall.

Like most of the fishing cameras in the market, the Aqua-Vu AV 715C is also dedicated to fishermen, divers and other underwater sports professionals. I want to always get the most for my money when I buy a product, and the manufacturer’s claims got my curiosity and I wanted to see whether or not it could deliver.

The Aqua-Vu AV 715C was equipped with some interesting features and a great set of specs to back up its claims. Most importantly, it had a large 7-inch monitor that goes hand to hand with the color CMOS camera with the upgraded XD housing. It has also an adjustable IR lighting system that makes things better. The back of the device is heated and the 7Ah battery with the charger makes things much better. The 50-foot cable is just the icing on the cake here.

The Aqua-Vu AV 715C looked like a professional tool and right from the get-go I knew that we got something special in our hands. It had an all-black body that is super durable and the IP67 rated waterproof camera had a super sturdy casing that delivered durability against accidents underwater.

The performance of this tool was breathtaking as well as the high-resolution camera with the Anit-Spook and IR lighting feature delivered a great image of the underwater, which was then displayed perfectly on the high-resolution LCD screen that was waterproof and had a screen protector and RCA video out port. Worth the money, a must-try.

4. MarCum VS485C

It was really interesting to see that there were even some professional tools in the mid-range price, most notably the MarCum VS485C. MarCum has stated that this product is a top-of-the-line professional-grade underwater viewing system that can work in extreme circumstances.

While it is a professional-grade tool, for professional anglers, the MarCum VS485C is dedicated to every underwater enthusiast. This product drew my attention with its great set of high-performance features and specs that were pretty interesting to see at the price point.

looking at the spec and feature list of the MarCum VS485C, we can already see that it is pretty impressive. First off I have to mention the flat-panel LCD screen of the device with an 800×480 resolution. In terms of camera it has a high-end one as well, the Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3-inch image sensor 01 LUX camera. It has also a 50 feet cable, comes with a soft pack shuttle, sun shield, 7amp rechargeable battery, and a battery recharger, pretty hard to beat these specs.

From the first impression, I saw that the MarCum VS485C was a pretty serious tool, packed with a great casing that is super durable and soft pack shuttle. The main body had an all-black hardened plastic body and it is covered with the red soft pack shuttle. A nice first impression to be honest.

The performance of this product was very impressive. I didn’t expect to be blown out with a high-quality camera. Also, I found out that you can switch between black and white and color modes on the display, depending on the circumstance. Pretty stable all-around, can’t beat a product like this.

3. Eyoyo Portable 7

Affordable fishing cameras are very disappointing, at about 90 percent of the cases, however, the Eyoyo Portable 7 is here to prove itself. This affordable underwater fishing camera delivered is a great tool that is dedicated to hobbyist fishermen to catch more fish.

As I said this is not a professional tool and it is more dedicated for enthusiasts and weekend fisherman making their jobs a tad bit easier in the process. I wanted to see whether this product can provide a good performance or is it a bust just like other affordable fishing cameras.

The Eyoyo Portable 7 is packed with some great specs and features, which were impressive, especially for its price. I should mention that this fishing camera has a 7-inch LCD color monitor that is a TFT model with a resolution of 800×480. It also has a nice sun-visor that is perfect for bright environments. Moving on to the camera it has a specifically crafted 1000TVL camera with a programmed chip and 12pcs IR LED lights that are responsible for revealing the fish to you. It also has an 8-hour battery life thanks to its large battery and the 8GB memory card makes things easier.

The Eyoyo Portable 7 came in interesting luggage like a casing that gave me a mixed first impression. it didn’t look like a quality piece of equipment but it had tons of interesting accessories in it, such as the floats, charger, cable, sunshade and the aluminum box that I mentioned earlier.

The performance of this product was just enough for a weekend fisherman, enough to deliver you a great look underwater, especially during good lighting. However, don’t expect it to be able to perform in the night or through moving current.

2. MarCum LX-9

While composing this list I knew that I had to include a high-end product that will deliver a professional performance, and I chose the MarCum LX-9. The MarCum LX-9  is an underwater digital sonar and a camera system that will act as both a fish finder and a camera at the same time while delivering everything in-between.

Due to its price, and its specs as well, the MarCum LX-9 is more likely dedicated to the experienced fisherman or underwater professionals that require a high-end machine. I have used the MarCum LX-9 in the past and I can attest you that it is a super high-end device that is why I had to include it on this list.

This beast is packed with a long list of features and performances, but I will talk about the most notable ones. It is packed with an 8-inch flat panel color LCD panel with 4 color palette options. 4800watts of peak to peak power, 8/20 degree dual-beam cone angle with ice transducer, great target separation.  Bruce 800×600 resolution on the panel 1/3-inch sensor on the camera Sony Super HAD II CCD .01 Lux camera, Dark WAter LED lighting and a 75-feet cable, to name a few.

I have to say that I had no doubts when I saw this camera first whether it could perform or not. Right out of the box it looks ready for action, and in the box of the device, you will find the micro SD card, remote camera panner, padded soft pack, camera pack, 3-stage automatic charger, snow shield faceplate and so much more.

In terms of performance, the MarCum LX-9 delivered an interesting prowess, impressive in both camera abilities and fishfinder sonar. Working perfectly in every way, you really can’t go wrong with this product, if you can afford it that is.

1. Moocor Underwater

While browsing the best underwater fishing cameras I discovered a highly praised but affordable device that promised to be the best one for beginners, the Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera. This device delivers a visual fish finder experience and tons of value for its price, your best bet when it comes to catching more fish.

This device might not be the most feature-packed package or with the most specs since it is dedicated to beginners and weekend enthusiasts, but it promises a lot. I was genuinely interested in this device and wanted to see whether it can offer an adequate performance when it comes to imaging.

The Moocor Underwater is packed with tons of interesting features that are impressive especially for the price that they come at. I should start by saying that the 4.3-inch HD LCD monitor delivers a great experience thanks to its IP67 waterproof body, LED backlighting that makes it bright enough to use underwater and the sunshade. The image sensor of the camera is also pretty impressive with its 1000TVL HD resolution, infrared LED lights, CMOS sensor, and low-level lighting that deliver a perfect experience. The 15m cable just makes things better.

From the first look, you wouldn’t expect much from this device, coming in its interesting carrying case that delivers protection for the device and its accessories. In the devices package, you will find the user manual, the charger, USB cord, and a fin. Not impressive in the first look.

Moving on, after a bit of time spent testing the device I found out that it is pretty pleasing and impressive. I tested it out in various scenarios and the camera delivered a great performance even in night fishing where it is pitch dark. The 8-hour battery life made things even easier as I didn’t need to pack a charger.

Seriously impressed with the device, one of the best, especially for its affordable price.

What You Should Know Before Buying an Underwater Fishing Camera

Spydro - One of the best underwater fishing cameras

Like everything, there are some tips and features, you have to be aware of before buying an underwater fishing camera. All of these features are pretty important and will help you make a better decision based on your needs. This counts for now, and for the future when you may need to replace your current fishing camera or will need an upgrade. If you stick with these tips you definitely will make the best choice when it comes to underwater fishing cameras, without any mistake.

Resolution of the Lens

Nearly all the underwater fishing cameras in the market are digital, and due to that, the biggest factor that will determine the quality of your image will be the resolution of the camera. As you already know, the more pixels the sensor of the camera has the clearer the image is the more pixels in the image to be exact the better the quality of the image. Which in turn result in better resolution overall, and as you might imagine it is significantly better and more advisable to invest in a camera with more pixel and resolution count.


While you might choose a camera with the best display count it will all amount to nothing if the display quality is not on par with it. The resolution of the screen should at least be able to deliver performance close to the quality of the image sensor on your camera. Also be sure to check whether or not it is colored, and if it can get bright enough to be operated under direct sunlight since you already know fishing is practiced in the open air.

Water Resistance and Durability

I think that it is natural to look for a camera that at least is resistant to the water when you are looking for underwater fishing cameras. Since these cameras will mostly be submerged underwater for extended periods, you should definitely check the waterproof rating of the device, IP65 or IP68 are safe choices, but the more the merrier here. Be sure to search for the meaning of waterproof ratings when you are checking out a camera, as the rating will show you how deep the camera can be submerged and how long can it stay underwater. Before moving on I should also mention that your camera casing should be durable and constructed of high-quality materials so it can be by your side for longer.

Battery Life

All these cameras that you will see when you are searching for underwater fishing are battery operated. Going on with that logic you should get the camera with the longest battery life to get the best experience. The longer the battery life of your camera the more you can spend time looking for fish underwater.


One of the most crucial parts of these cameras is the cable that connects the camera to the external display. You should check to see that the cable should be extremely sturdy and be built out of quality materials to withstand the pressure, wear and tear, non-breakable materials are always preferred here. You should also check to see whether or not the camera has any latency or input lag, so you can eliminate deterioration in the picture quality.


The depth of view is a big factor as well, and check the manufacturer’s specifications when it comes to depth to see whether it suits your needs, depending on the location and depth you want to fish. If the depth of view isn’t very deep you will be missing out plenty of fishing chances. The depth of the camera will depend on the cable of the camera, and the waterproof rating of the camera.

How To Use an Underwater Fishing Camera Properly

Like I said these devices will take your fishing game to the next level. However, there is a proper way to utilize them to get the best efficiency out of them. While every specific underwater fishing camera has its own owners manual and steps you need to undertake for it to function properly, they are mostly similar. First off, you need to choose your spot and release the camera to go underwater while grabbing the tag end of the lowering cables firmly. When you reach the desired depth which is mostly at roughly the same depth as your hook, lock it in place. The instructions for this should be on the owner’s manual and wait for it to settle underwater. Look at the size and shape of the fishes that are nearby and act accordingly, happy hunting.


There you have it, folks! Now you are ready to get going and buy the best underwater fishing camera in the market. I think that this tool will make fishing a better and more enjoyable experience for you. Following the tips that I have provided will be pretty easy and if you stick with them you won’t make a mistake now and in the future. I should also remind you that the top picks I have provided are fail-safe choices and will definitely deliver the best performance. There are products for every price range and finding one for yourself shouldn’t be hard. Until next time!

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