Tips for a Fishing Trip to Alaska

Alaska can be the great dream of freshwater anglers because it may contain the most pristine waters in the country. The clarity of the water in Alaska’s streams and lakes can certainly be more beneficial during a day of fishing than lakes having to deal with heavier pollutants. Those looking to reel in salmon, trout and pike need to follow some basic tips if they hope to land a bigger catch than other tourists. To get the best results, i recommend you get yourself a fish finder that costs less than $100, because it can make your job easier.

Roadside Fishing

Traveling through Alaska reveals a state where many lakes, streams and rivers are located near major roadways. Anglers dropping their lines into these roadside streams by the dozens is not an uncommon sight. The convenience of these waterways can’t be beat, but the result of their popularity is that most of the fish don’t have time to grow very large. If you don’t mind reeling in plenty of smaller fish, this is a good choice, but to catch bigger hauls will require more effort.

Big Fish

Getting to inland waterways where the size of your individual catches will be larger means making that effort to move away from the spots that are heavily fished. Since you are not likely to be familiar with the hot spots along a river, the best way to make sure you have gotten to a place that hasn’t been overfished is to simply move upstream or downstream while keeping a sharp eye out for footprints. Once you reach an area where yours are the only footprints left behind, you greatly increase your odds of reeling in the big ones. This advice may not apply to waterways with a big salmon population, but it is a very good way to get bigger trout and grayling.

Hire a Guide

Backbouncing is a very popular technique used to catch fish, especially on the Kenai Peninsula. Using this technique is a good way to reel in those especially large salmon that you may have gone to Alaska specifically to get. Learning this technique, as well as finding the secret spots where these large salmon swim, is best accomplished by hiring an experienced fishing guide. These guides will be especially useful for fishing on the Kenai River near Soldotna.


If you are traveling to Alaska in search of one of those 400 pound halibut that you’ve heard tales of, the best destination is Homer. Homer is the self-proclaimed “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World.” The Spit offers 508 acres of land where you can fish for halibut or just sit back and enjoy the sight of the glaciers and mountains. This one fishing spot is responsible for several 300 pound catches every year. Not that you are guaranteed to haul in a 300 pound halibut, of course, but a halibut that weighs more than the Olsen twins combined is still nothing to sneeze at.

King Salmon in Unalakleet

One of the best places to catch salmon is the small village of Unalakleet. Reaching this remote destination means an hour’s plane ride from Nome, but the limits are higher than in many other King Salmon fisheries. The size of these salmon are equally impressive. Reserving an excursion to Unalakleet does not come cheap, but it is an experience unlike just about any other you will have as a fisherman. The average person should begin saving up now for a plan to head to Unalakleet in two years.

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