What to Pack for a Day of Fishing

When it comes to fishing, everybody always forgets something important. I will help you make sure that you have everything necessary to have a good day out on the water. If you are looking to catch yourself a bass, crappie or bluegill I would suggest hitting the water in the summer months starting in May. The earlier you get out on the water the more fish that you will catch.

Another good time to catch fish is when it is lightly raining. The fish tend to eat the bugs off of the top of the water so I would use some sort of topwater lure.

You need to decide whether or not to use live bait. You can buy some nightcrawlers from the bait shop or walmart. I would suggest buying some fathead minnows because they seem to be the favorite of big fish. They are a little bit plumper than the average minnow. I would also buy some waxworms because fish absolutely love them. Especially crappie, perch, and blue gills.

If you’re not going to fish with live bait you will need to bring a tackle box with fake bait. You probably have a tacklebox that weighs 50 pounds so you may want to buy a smaller tackle box just for necessary items so you aren’t carrying around a huge tackle box. Only pack the lures you will want to use for the fish you want to catch. If it’s a cloudy day or if it’s raining, you will need to bring all bright colored lures. If it’s a sunny day you could fish with dark lures or bright lures. Bass tend to love topwater lures, crankbaits (if you have a crankbait rod) and spinnerbaits.

Make sure that you have enough line on all of your poles for a few snags. Also make sure you always bring extra hooks, bobbers and sinkers. You can never have too many of these. I would bring along bug spray if the bugs are bad or sunblock if it’s during the summer months. Even on a cloudy day you can still get a very bad sunburn.

Make sure you bring some beverages and you can put them in the minnow bucket so you aren’t carrying 50 different things. Dont put them in the water but leave them ontop of the styrofoam bucket. You could also bring some snacks if you would like to. I would suggest buying a package of baby wipes to take along with you. Between pulling things off of your lure, catching fish and releasing them you will have some dirty hands in a matter of a few minutes.

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